Being a DECA member is an exciting experience! As a member, you will have the opportunity to build a network of friends with similar interests; from your chapter and chapters abroad. You can also network with professionals who will be happy to give you practical educational and invaluable career advice. DECA allows you to grow and develop yourself in a professional context while you build on your business knowledge and gain transferrable skills. Get involved to maximize your post-secondary experience.

Please note that Collegiate DECA hosts conferences per academic year: typically in November, February, and April. You are not required to attend to be a member.

Being a DECA member also involves a fair amount accountability. At all DECA events, each member is responsible for upholding the professional image of Camosun DECA. Professionalism is exhibited through your attire, body language, spoken word (intonation and volume included), and actions overall at DECA events. This requires a sense of awareness and maturity reflective of the business community, within which you will be participating in and should be taking seriously. But that doesn't make us squares! It's a part of something bigger than the self. Take the plunge; you've spent $30 on worse things.


FAQ - Students

What does DECA stand for?
DECA originally stood for Distributive Education Clubs of America. Today, we no longer use the phrase and we simply refer to ourselves as 'DECA'.

How do I become a DECA member?
You can become a member of Camosun DECA by filling out the registration form and paying the $30 membership fee.

Why do chapters collect different amounts of money from students?
The amount of money and when that money is collected is up to the individual chapters in so far as DECA Camosun collection dates are adhered to. While some chapters collect all membership and competition fees plus some more money for chapter incidentals early in the school year, others collect only what needs to be paid when it needs to be paid.

If I didn't qualify in my category at the Regionals, can I still compete at the Internationals?
Yes you can! Camosun DECA Business Club is the only DECA Chapter in the Canadian west, so we get a little bit of special treatment from DECA Inc. Our free pass allows you to compete at Regionals, at Internationals or both! If you'd rather not compete, ask your Executive Board about Fall Orientation Leadership Conference.

If I change my mind, or cannot attend a competition, will I get a refund?
Membership Dues, Regional Competition and Internationals fees are non-refundable. If you have paid to attend ICDC but can no longer attend please contact Camosun DECA to discuss your options.

Where can I get more training materials for my chapter?
DECA specific textbooks, videos, and more can be purchased from the DECA Images online store.