Executive Board Elections 2017-2018

Camosun DECA's Executive Officers are elected by the student members to provide leadership for the current academic year. As our primary core to the club, our Executive Board collectively represent more than 40 members to a variety of key stakeholders, including fellow members, advisors, college administrators, sponsors and business partners, community friends and partners, and beyond. They also develop a program of work to assist in the implementation of the club's strategic plan.


  • Voting period: Tuesday, April 11 (12:00pm) - Sunday, April 16 (11:59pm)

Accepted nominations

         are confirmed as follows:


  • VP of Marketing
             - Tarah Svob
  • President
             - Rya Pesti 


  • VP of Finance
             - Matthew Denning
  • VP of Recruitment and Retention
             - Evelyn Whicher 

Elections Stipulations


  1. Voter identity is kept private and confidential. Your name, email address (the one you originally used to sign up on our Members page) and student number are submitted strictly to validate your vote. Only Davinder Singh, Marketing Executive 2016/2017 and the website administrator will see your information and votes.
  2. Votes can not be submitted more than once or changed. If more than one vote is received under your name, only the first will be recognized: the latter will be void.
  3. Only votes from paid members will be tallied.
  4. Votes received outside of the aforementioned voting period will not count. Each submission is automatically time stamped. 
  5. The voting form must be filled in its entirety.
  6. For candidates running unopposed, votes are cast as Yes or No.
  7. For positions with more than one candidate: the candidate with the most votes well be accepted into the position.


      Between Wednesday, April 11 (12:00pm) - Sunday, April 16 (11:59pm)March 23 (6:00pm) and Monday, March 28 (11:59pm)

Please make an educated vote, in support of the candidate whom you feel will best commit to and fill the corresponding role. Whatever you think is best for the club. To read words from each candidate, click here. Thank you!

To abstain from a particular vote, select the "---" option.

Votes received outside of the voting period will not count.